Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Improved New Desktop Search from Google Desktop

New Google Desktop - In February 2006, Google released Google Desktop Search Application, which enables you to search file(s) more faster than the search option or command in your computer, with information on your desktop through Gadgets and Sidebar. Now on March 3, 2007 at Google Official Blog, Google announced the release of Google Desktop 5 Beta.

You will see changes in Gadget and Sidebar. With some redesigned gadgets you will be able to find the same information but in a more easy way.

The improved features with Google Desktop 5 Beta are:

Improved Desktop Search: Goggle has added new features to Desktop Search Application. Now you can have preview your search results right inside the browser. So you can be sure what you are searching instantly, instead of waiting to open it.

Improved Security: This new advanced feature has made helping hands to all of us. Now if you are going to documents, IMs, web pages or email etc. by link, and google desktop will help you to go there in safe. It is able to detect the outgoing links. If the destination aims to steal your personal information or install spiteful software on your computer, Google Destop will alert you. Now you have the decision to proceed or not to.

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