Thursday, March 01, 2007

Access and share files anywhere, anytime with anyone

Web Technologies: Whenever I am busy with my work and I have to go out from home, I have to take my laptop with with me or sometimes I store data in CDs or Pen-Drive and carry them. But some times it becomes defficult when I have to share file with my friends or colleagues. I have to send mails and while uploading the file(s) it just make me irritated, because I have to wait. But now I am free with all these hazards. I have signed up with Widget. Since I am mybloglog member and others help me to find out solutions for my problem with their precious suggestions, if I have to face any, I want to share this information with you all. This Widget is amazing. You have to sign up and validate your account. Now you can store or save your files (whatever may be photos, videos, MS-Office documents or even podcasts) to Widget, in the same way as you are storing your file(s) to your computer. You can make folder(s) with names what you want and use them to store different files. Now you don’t need to carry Pen-Drive or CD or your laptop to access them. Wherever you go, if there is internet connection, you can log in to your account and access your file anytime. Moreover you can share the files with you friends. At present Widget is offering a special offer. When you will sign up with Widget, you will get Free 1GB of space and you can upload your files in this space, totally free of cost. I recommend Widget, go and check, at least you will not have to lose anything.

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Nice brief and this fill someone in on helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you on your information.