Tuesday, March 13, 2007

My Yahoo – with a new look

One Friday I loged in to my mail account at yahoo parker_u@yahoo.com and I found a mail from yahoo services which told that they have added new features to My Yahoo and users would be able to add what they want in more convenient and easy way. I could not stop myself. I just switched there. The new experience was very amazing with My Yahoo. What I saw there, there is a brief summery below.

My Yahoo was introduced in 1996, in the month of July. You can say it is the God Father of personalize services for web pages. After that many came like My Yahoo, but it is the first most which is still most popular that any other. Since then many changes have been done to My Yahoo to help users to experience better and better.

In new My Yahoo page you can add theme what you like. At present you can choose from nine (9) colors. I have taken Orange, it looks pretty beautiful, I like it most. More over you can change the look of your page in a very easy way. Just below the search engine box you see a link – Personalize this page- where you can change your page’s look which suits you. You can change your layout with 2, 3 and 4 columns.
Choose number of columns

You can add content to your page according to your requirement. When you will click at the button – Add Content – you will se page like below : Before saving the content to your page Yahoo asks for confirmation – Keep it. When you click on – Keep It – only after then it saves the content to your current page. With your cursor point you can adjust the position of the content on your page.
One more think I noticed. When I have added Yahoo Shopping to my page and moved the cursor it opened with magnified view. When you mover cursor to a particular item it reflects a magnified view with price value.

If you want to read a story or news you don’t need to go for other page(s). Just click on the link and with a news pop up window you can see the full story or news.

With sliding drop down menus, you can choose from various options. Even you can share your page with mail and IM.


Caplondon said...

Thanks for all the Yahoo update information! I have not seen it before. Guess I missed my notification from Yahoo!! Good posts on your site!!



Jane Parker said...

Hi Caplondon, thanks for your comments. I visited your blog. It is a nice one. Go to new My Yahoo and coustomize your page and let me know your experience with the new My Yahoo.