Thursday, February 15, 2007

Windows Vista - Post 2

Software Reviews: Development of Windows Vista (Part A)

You would be thinking that with the name “Development of Windows Vista” why I have added “Part – A”, only because I wish to publish more about the development of windows vista. First of all let me tell you some code names for windows operating systems:
Windows XP : Codename – Whistler
Windows Vienna : Codename – Blackcomb
Windows Vista : Codename – Longhorn

I have said already in my previous post that the development work for Windows Vista was started in May 2001, five and half years back, before the release of Windows XP. Then why Microsoft did not release Windows Vista before XP. It is all nothing but Market Policies. Microsoft wanted to release XP and then Windows Vienna in late 2003. Whistler and Blackcomb were the codenames for Windows XP and Windows Vienna. Windows Vista was then called Longhorn. The motto was to release Longhorn as a pool between XP and Vienna. Means it would have some new features comparing with XP and then after Vienna would be released worldwide as the final operating system.

But God wanted something different. Gradually, Longhorn (Windows Vista) assimilated many of the latest technologies and new features which were slated for Windows Vienna and it resulted, the delay of Windows Vista for release few times. On August 2004, Officially Microsoft announced that it was making significant changes to Longhorn and it would take some more time to be released.

The development of “Longhorn” stared afresh, from the beginning. This time Windows Server 2003 codebase was being used for Longhorn. Due to this reason Microsoft has to postpone some of its previously announced features such as NGSCB and WinFS.

Longhorn was named “Windows Vista” in mid of the year 2005. Simultaneously unprecedented beta-test program was started and it was involved with thousands of volunteers and hundreds of companies. Microsoft released regular Community Technology Previews for one year between September 2005 and October 2006. Development of Windows Vista was finalized and its completion was announced on November 8, 2006 by Jim Allchin, Co-President of Windows Development.

Though this post I have just given a structure for development of Windows Vista. In the next coming post I will write in some details and years wise about the development of Windows Vista.

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