Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Windows Vista - Post 1

Sorry, for delaying in posts. Now-a-days I am very busy with some of new projects for official purposes, and not getting time to sit on my personal desktop and post new posts. Anyway, I remember one of the readers, author of the blog posted a comment on my post, and she wanted to know the difference between Windows Vista and Windows XP. Then I did not know what to answer. I searched for, read other posts and software reviews and come to conclusion that in just only one post I will not be able answer all. So from this post with regular interval of time I will post my articles for Windows Vista. All of the post will have the same subject Windows Vista - Post _ _ , only the numbers will change at the end. I am also going to add an extra link at the top of my blog for Windows Vita, naming MS-Vista, and all related post will be with this link. From Microsoft Windows, Windows Vista is the latest operating system which will be used on PCs, both for business and home desktops. Its development work was started in May 2001, before the release of Windows XP. So it takes 5 years for manufacturing. Before release, “Longhorn” was the code name for Windows Vista. The development work finished on 8th of November, 2006. In the beginning it was not released to general public, and was give to some authorized Microsoft customers and manufacturers. Windows Vista was released worldwide on January 30, 2007, and was made available in market and users were allowed to upgrade their operating system online with Windows Vista by Microsoft’s official website or MS-Vista. Microsoft claims hundreds of new features for Vista over XP. Some of them include Windows DVD Maker, improved searching features, new multimedia creation tools, visual style, Windows Aero and graphical user interface. Moreover according to Microsoft, Vista will make it easier to share digital media and files between computers and devices. Vista also claims that with 3.0 of the .NET Framework, it will be help developers to write high-quality applications. Vista’s primary objective is to improve the state of security in Windows operating system.

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