Friday, February 16, 2007

Windows Vista - Post 3

Software Reviews: Development of Windows Vista in Year 2002 – (Part B)

Windows Vista is the name which revels the truth that everything is created by GOD. At the beginning even Microsoft did not think this grand release. Microsoft wanted to change some feature for XP and release Longhorn (code name of Windows Vista) as the intermediate between its next coming grand operating system. When XP was released the marketing policies and public relations were more focused on Windows XP and Windows Server 2003, which was to be released in early 2003 and Windows Server 2003 was released in April, 2003. Simultaneously the development of Longhorn was on it secret way. But in the mean time some builds of Longhorn were leaked on some most popular file sharing networks, some of them are IRC, bittorrent, edonkey.

For these builds at the bottom-right-corner of the desktop there was a label, just like “Build 3683.Lab06_N.020923-1821” and it was the key by which it was recognized. The build number has some secret meanings. The build was made by different research teams, on completion build was tasted by developers and after tough examination it was added to main stream software. The lab from which the related build was generated, the come number was added to the build followed by date and time. Below I want to snatch your couple of minutes for these milestones:

Milestone 1

Build 3646: The first know build for Longhorn is “Build 3646” and it as was built on 12 June 2002 with build label "Lab01_N(portbld).020612-1346”.

Milestone 2

Build 3663: The Build 3663 was completed on 28 July, 2002 and was the first build for which screenshots were leaked. It was the first sighting of the "Plex" style which Microsoft regarded as a place-holder theme for their development versions, until they were ready to demonstrate Aero. Screenshots of Build 3670 (build date of August 19 2002) also showed a variation of the Device Manager implemented inside Windows Explorer.

Milestone 3

Build 3683: On 23rd September 2002 the next Build 3683 was completed but like others it was also leaked on 20th October 2002 but it was the first build which was leaked to internet, also it was the first Build with working tile “Longhorn XP Professional”.

Build 3706: The date of formation is October 29, 2002 and was leaked on May 22, 2006. Yes May 22, 2006. It was finally leaked on May 22 2006. It was one of the initial builds having Desktop Composition Engine (DCE) and Desktop Windows Manager (DWM) features.

Build 3718: Build 3718 was the last build for the year 2002. It was completed in November 19, 2002 and was leaked on April 20, 2004. It was incorporated with the Desktop Windows Manager features and some early hardware-accelerated Aero effects, such as alpha transparency and transitions.
In the next coming articles I will write about the development of Windows Vista in the year 2003-04.


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