Monday, February 12, 2007

Computer Backup – How Should Computer Users Backup Their Data?

Tips: We, almost all, are using Mac or Windows Microsoft PC. Sometimes due to various reasons we have to format our system. When some virus attacks, we generally run antivirus, but if in any case it fails, we have only one option to choose from, just format the system. So why, we hesitate to format our system? We, either home users or professional, have important files on computer. When we have to format our hard drive, all files lost. So we dislike to format. In corporate sector, you have to deal with different kind of data. You may be in trouble if you lose any important file.

In this article I am focusing on the main data related files just as Word Document, Excel, Notepad, Power-Point files, or picture files (jpeg or gif). If you want to drive in safe way then create a new folder and give it a unique name, which you remember easily, as for example “My file back” or “Computer Backup”. Now cut the important files from particular folders and paste or save these to this new folder. Listen, I have told you CUT the files and SAVE to the new folder. Why no copy and paste? If you are professional and working in a company, perhaps you have to deal with different kind of works. For each work you have to make new folder and you have to put specific files in that folder. Very often, the names of the files resemble. So if you just copy and paste, it might be possible, after some time you may be wondering. Suppose your have save excel files with names admin work, administration data, admin workers, admin running project. The two file admin work and admin workers resemble in name. So you have to check back that you have saved the files in the new folder or not. So it is advisable to cut and paste files to that folder and you have not to check it back again and again.

When you finish the work of saving files to this new folder, save the folder(s) to other storage device(s). Such as USB Pen Drive, CD or DVD or External Hard Drive. If you are home user it is easy to save the files to USB Pen Drive or CD or DVD. But it is very expensive to save corporate files to CD or DVD. In this case I suggest saving the files and folder to external hard drive. The new external hard drive and your existed computer’s hard drive can be connected by connecting wire and you can easily more the file from one to other.
Next time you have any trouble, and you need to format your computer’s hard drive. Follow this simple method to easily back up your files.

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