Friday, January 12, 2007

Touchscreen iPhones from Apple and LG

With beautiful look and multifunctional features touchscreen phones, Apple iPhone from Apple and LG KE850 from LG Electronics has won the International Forum Design Product Award for the year 2007, already. Both touchscreen iphones are cool gadgets. Both are not only same morphologically but also similar in functionality. One special feature in Apple iPhone is that it boasts specially OSX compatibility which is independent from well-known software chain, may be apple want to avoid the dependency and make its own platform. The major variation is that the LG will never have a MacOS implanted platform and the overall simplicity and flexibility of the software will give the iPhone the edge. One difference is that the screen of iPhone covers the entire width, whereas it is not applicable for LG KE850. LG has couple of side buttons while iPhone is embed with touch screen functionality.

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