Saturday, January 13, 2007

Cool Gadget - Sony Ericsson's new W810i

Are to going to purchase your new mobile gadget and you are confused what to take from the heap of brands? Wait a little. Have you heard about Sony Ericsson’s W810i. May be you know already. It is very cool gadget, with features like its own. Many mobile phones are here to choose from but I tell you it is unique in its way. Sony Ericsson’s W810i is successor to W800i. The new beautiful keyboard and below the screen separated sets with keys match a lot with new W810i.

W810i is first in a series of Walkman branded handsets from Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones. It comes with a 512MB Memory Stick Duo card, in which you can store up to 250 songs, but you can put in card of bigger memory. I use 1 GB. You can use it very conveniently. Like others cell phones you don’t need to go though menus when you want to pause/play. It comes with a button on the left top side; you can use it for play/pause anytime. W810i give you everything you expect from a MP3 Player. A part from it, W810i is embedded with FM radio features. Moreover its battery life is about 7.5 hours (as tested) which is very solid for small handsets like W810i, means non-stop music.

With accessories like headphones it makes you handfree, free to listen your loving tunes without disturbing you when you get a call.

You can take power shots from W810i. It comes with a 2.0 megapixels resolution camera. A range is there, you can choose from. It is really fantastic from the all top music phones in the market. Fundamentally Sony Ericsson’s W810i is great, especially well designed and best features filled. Really, if you have the budget, and you had set your mind to purchase your new mobile gadget, consider W810i from Sony Ericsson Mobile Phones.

If you are worry about your mobile tariff for your W810i, don’t be. offers you very good tariff plan with free x-box 360.