Thursday, January 11, 2007

Windows Mobile - Gadgets

Microsoft Windows Mobile powered devices help you access the business information you need even when you are away from your desk. With over 100 device models shipping from over 45 device-maker partners, and more than 120 mobile operators that support Windows Mobile devices, the Windows Mobile platform offers a range of devices across many regions that is uniquely suited for your organization, your team, and your role. In addition to Microsoft Outlook Mobile and familiar Microsoft Office Mobile software, innovations in Windows Mobile 5.0 include applications such as Voice over IP, persistent storage, on-device password enforcement, and remote wipe.
The Windows Mobile platform is an open platform that supports needs beyond mobile messaging. It’s based on Microsoft .NET, giving developers freedom to build applications and extend the operating system using familiar, mature tools. Over 18,000 Windows Mobile applications are available from third-party developers.
The Messaging and Security Feature Pack for Windows Mobile 5.0 works with Exchange Server 2003 SP2 and Exchange 2007 to deliver a direct, scalable and cost-effective mobile messaging solution. It enables business users to easily stay connected to their critical information while on the go, and helps businesses to better protect device data.
· Keep your Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and Inbox up-to-date using Direct Push technology. You can also browse your corporate address book over-the-air with Exchange Server 2003 SP2 and Exchange 2007.
· Protect device data and manage devices using the Feature Pack and Exchange Server 2003 SP2. With this combination, IT administrators can remotely manage and enforce select corporate IT policies over-the-air using the Exchange Server 2003 SP2 console. Businesses can mandate policies like requiring PIN passwords for every device.
· Deploy scalable, cost-effective mobile messaging solutions and reduce the need to pay for an additional third party server product and client access license fees by using existing Exchange 2003 SP2 investments.
Microsoft is committed to making Windows Mobile the best mobile handheld solution for Microsoft Exchange customers. In addition to the platform benefits noted above, Microsoft endeavors to deliver the most complete and comprehensive implementation of Exchange Active Sync capabilities possible..

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