Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Two new mobile phones from MOTOROLA

Two Linux-Based with strong entertaining features Mobile Gadgets, MOTORIZR Z6 and MOTOMING A1200 , were introduced in Las Vegas Consumer Electronic Show recently from Motorola Phones. Motorizr Z6 is slide-to-open phone and is similar to Z3, whereas MOTOMING A1200 is a flip-open kind and is embedded with touch-screen facilities.

MOTORIZR Z6 looks similar to immensely popular MOTO RAZR. The difference is that, while using keyboard you have to slide the screen. MOTORIZR Z6 is supportive to Global GSM and it has very high quality stereo sound and built-in music player facilities.

You can take power shots from 2 megapixeil camera and view your beloved video songs, with 2 GB memory card. It also supports bluetooth.

When you travel in plane, you need to switch off your mobile phone. But with MOTORIZR Z6 you can listen your songs even when the mobile is switched off.

You can download music from internet and its memory is also filled with translation directory. These unique features give new direction to Motorola Phones.

The both two phones MOTORIZR Z6 and MOTOMING A1200 are well-matched with Microsoft's Media Player 11. The phones are expected to be available for consumers early in the year.

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