Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Attent Hand-Free calls in your car

"Attend Hand-Free calls in your CAR" it sounds great. While driving car it is distracting when your mobile rings. Receiving calls while driving is not only inconvenient but also dangerous. To get rid of it you can try Hands-Free gadgets ‘BLUETOOTH’ in your car. It is not only convenient but also safe. If your car is high-end 2004 model or it is newer that you may have Bluetooth already in your car. If not, contact you dealer. Now adapter kits comes, which can be easily fitted in your car almost working for all major branded cell phones and these kits will make your car Bluetooth capable. The starting range is US$ 150 onwards, as I asked to my car dealer. You can fit is by your self, but if you want to hide them and fit them professionally, it is better to contact professionals.

But first your mobile gadget must be BLUETOOTH compatible. If you have then it is easy to consider Hand-Free calls in your car while driving or you can purchase form your near mobile shop. Now a range of Bluetooth compatible mobile phones are available in market. You can choose which suits you the best.

Some point which you should consider while fitting Bluetooth in your car:

1. The microphone should be mounted not more than 17 inches from your mouth for the best results.

2. There must be not any obstacle like review mirror or sun visor between your mouth and microphone.

3. The direction of air from air vents of the car must be on the other direction, so you can hear and speak without any disturbance.

These are some simple suggestions and if you follow these all, you would have nothing to worry about your convenient. So now you can easily attend your phone calls with any inconvenient, moreover you will enjoy.


Tanai said...

This is first time am visiting your site. I would have been gone to other site, but as I started to read, I sturck to it. You write very nice. Keep good posting to be be run on.

As you posted for Bluetooth, I really feel very disappointed when pone come when I am driving. You have picked up a general problem. As you suggested the ways we should keep in mind while installing a bluetooth in our car, is very helping. Thank for posting such post.

Anonymous said...

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