Monday, January 22, 2007

A new cool gadget for you - The Gadget Craze

A new cool gadget for you. Planon introduces DocuPen RC800, a pen sized scanner. It is not just like a normal pen. It has something amazing features; you would want to have this. With 8 MB of internal memory DocuPen RC800 can scan more than 100 pages in black and white format or 4 high resolution color pages; even you don’t need a computer. The scanning capacity is up to 400 dpi resolution which is enough for digital images. The gadget is small enough to take anywhere you want. It is different from traditional pen scanners available in market. Not only this, with this handy gadget you can scan your passbooks, identity cards, magazine stories (you like) or even photos. It can scan and save your documents anytime, anywhere. It can be connected to USB Port for data download. The DocuPen RC800 works both with Inter and Mac based computers. It comes with upgrated memory slots so its 8 MB internal memory can be upgraded to higher level, you can insert MicroSD memory card for extra storage.
This cool gadget costs around US$ 300.

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