Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Look in your wrist watch, Who is calling ?

You are going with one of your friends; suddenly you look at your wrist watch and shout “Oh! Jane, Calling”, what your friend will think, “My dear friend needs rest.” Ha ha!. Just joking. But it is very right. With Fossile Abacus Wrist Watch you can do this. This cool wrist watch comes with Caller ID Screen by which you can see who is calling you or what message has come on you mobi. Nice gadget na! This Fossil Abacus Mobilewear wrist watch works only Sony Ericsson bluetooth enable cell phones and Series 60 mobiles with Symbian OS 7 or new version.

Fossil has launched two brands, the Abacus and Fossil’s own brand. The first one comes with stainless steel and bracelet costing around US$ 200 while the other one comes with black colored ionic stainless steel plate, which is US$ 80 or more expensive then the Abacus Brand.
It was first seen with James Bond action thriller movies, since then these are very popular. The previous bluetooth wrist watches were big in size, but this latest gadget Fossil Caller ID Watch looks very similar to you ordinary watch with cool and stylish look. But it suits more to MEN. The MEN OOOO Gadget. At the bottom of the face there is OLED 96 X 16 pixel display which shows the caller Id and messages. One more thing, you can also reject calls with by watch. The up and down buttons are used for various phone functions while the side buttons are used to set the time.

The only drawback is that it only works with bluetooth enabled phones. Hopefully, in near future it will come which would be used with ordinary phones.

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Bob said...

The watch have superb design and enabled with amazing technology. It will look great on my wrist but I recently got a watch from Forzieri. It is very beautiful.