Monday, March 19, 2007

World's smallest Mobile PC will soon be in your hands

Gadget Reviews: I love to have smaller and smaller techno gadgets which make me more comfortable with ease. We all have to move for various purposes whether you are a school going children or 70 years old grand pa. We need to wheel on. For people like me who need computer badly, have to keep it with them ‘always’. If you have laptop or notebooks then it ok, otherwise it becomes very uneasy. Now one other gadget is in the market smaller than notebook, just like your mobile handset or you can say it mobile computing dub. Many companies have made their products and distributed in electronic market. But the Korean company “Digital Cube” has made the smallest UMPC – Ultra Mobile PC. Now stay connected, organized and entertained anywhere, your mobile pc takes you with this.

A vide demonstration for i-Station G43

The name given to this smallest UMPC – i-station G43. With Windows XP platform it has been designed to short our your all problems. Previously Samsung Q1 and ASUS R2 were launched in the market with 7 inch wide screen. But i-station G43 comes with 4.3 inch touch screen, closer to the size of PDA. With geeky looks the device is thick and chunky and you will comfortable using your hands to it.

Some of the silent features are:

• AMD Geode LX800/900 running at 500 MHz, throttled to 398 MHz
• 4.3-inch touch-screen display(800 x 480 pixel resolution)
• 512 MB RAM
• Bluetooth
• USB Connectivity
• 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi
• 30 GB or 60 GB Hard drive
• Touchpad mouse on the left side
• Docking Station

The device will be released in summer in Korea and late fall will be released in North America. The approx amount for this device is $700 which is more than $100 less than the previous UMPCs present in the market.

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