Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sow your messages with TAGZ

Gadget Reviews: Monday last I attended a party at “RedNights”, a club, with my friends. The occasion was special. It was the birthday of my friend ‘Amanda”. We had wine, dine and dinner there. Two of them ‘Eric’ and ‘Amy’ had a nice locket around their necks. Both have the same color and same looks. It was not so nice but amazing too, flashing light and showing messages, our names and at Eric’s locket his phone number was reflecting. Not Eric and Amy were the odd ones, some of the guys and girls in the party have had the same glittering gadget. I asked them about the neck lockets and in this post I want to discuss it with you.

Eric replied it is TAGZ. The name is ‘TAGZ’. It is now becoming popular as a new party wear accessory. It is a lead badge. When you want to tell someone without using your natural body parts – tongue and mouth – tagz will help you out. It reflects message at its lead screen. You can put 6 different messages with each up to a length of 126 characters.

The messages can be set what ever you want and it scroll(s) across the led screen at different rates. If you wear a top or shirt made of light or thinner cloth, even you can wear it below to it. You can set your thought your home address or your phone numbers too. Setting phone number is the most used trend, as I saw in the party.

Eric has also set his telephone number with his name. I asked him the reason. What he answered was really interesting. As he replied “Dear, when I want to give my phone number to a girl, I feel uncomfortable. But with TAGZ when I meet any girl I don’t need to tell her separately. She comes to know automatically and I have got phone calls also on this basis”.

Some of the Main Features of the LED TAGZ are:
(a) Comfortable in handling and wearing with stylish looks.
(b) Show your messages on reflecting lead screen.
(c) Can be programmed with your desired messages to be shown.
(d) The timings or speed of the messages can be set.
(e) 6 messages with 126 characters each can be put at a time.

For the parents who are always worried for their naughty stars it is really very helping. You can set Child’s name with parents address and telephone numbers. The child will wear it happily. Not like traditional name - address plate, it does something great instead of. When ever you go to place with huge gathering you can make your child to wear it.

The cost for this gadget is £5.00 only.

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Paola said...

Interesting! This reminds me of text I sometimes see floating above avatars' heads in Second Life.

They tend to use it as a mode of expression, though (e.g., "Never say never"), not phone numbers.