Monday, February 19, 2007

Send latest news to your site readers by SMS

Web Technologies: Since February 14, 2007, I am posting for Windows Vista. In the coming posts I will continue and like today I will also write about other things in between the time. For today I am posting about a news for bloggers.

Today http://www.TextMarks.Com is going to announce a new product claiming that it will boost revenue for site and blogs by text message services. So what is it? It is just a SMS service. By which you can have updated and breaking news from sites or blogs on your mobile phone by SMS. But it is not free of cost. Publisher will have to signs up under the monetize for Textmarks account and choose a price for subscribers, either $4.99 or $9.99 per month.

Then after publisher can add a Flash Widget to site and the reader can subscribe by this Flash Widget or by sending text message to 41411 with a unique keyword. After confirmation they will receive alerts to their cell phone. US cell phone users, using Verizon, Alltel, Cigular or Sprint would be able to use this service, because at present it is only available in US only. The news which is to be sent by SMS will be decided by the publisher and up to 100 alerts can be sent per month to the subscribers.

Totals revenue’s 66.66% (2/3) will be taken by TextMarks and Carriers and 33.33% (1/3) will be given to the publishers. From the 2/3 of the revenue for Carriers and TextMarks, TextMarks will keep 15%.

I read comments on various forms and blogs. Some the commentators like it. But the majority is against. Some of them asked that they can have this service through the RSS of the site and Google Reader, free of cost and on the net there are so many sites by which they can get latest news what they are searching for. Many of them told that they will wait for this service to be free. I wnat to know your opinion, Are you ready to pay to have alers on your mobile phone for the sites you love to read.

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