Monday, February 19, 2007

I with MyBlogLog since January 2007

Web TechnologyReviews: Hi, this is Jane here. I joined MyBlogLog on January 15, 2007, last month. I want to share with you what I think about MyBlogLog. Many of you reading this article are my community members or readers from MyBlogLog. I am running my blog since September, 2006, five months back. Yes, I am not a professional blogger and of course I am not so well to write. Before joining MyBlogLog hardly 1 or 2 visitors came to my site at a daily basis. I have followed many articles about search engine optimization. But all lost in darkness. For present if you will search by the keyword “gadgetcraze” then at and my site will come at first position. On Yahoo with the keyword “gadget craze” it will come to the 2nd page. I run Google Adsense with my blog. From the beginning of the blog I earned only $3 in five months. I follow google rules and privacy policy very strictly. But after joining MyBlogLog the results were surprising. In this one month of time I have earned $7.98 almost $8, with a steady income of around $0.21 per day, without any click. Some day with clicks it became more than 50 cents. Everyday I am getting approx 30 unique visitors and the numbers are increasing gradually. Fifteen days back it was only 12 unique visits and now it is 30+ and my profile have been viewed 889 so far (last I log in to MyBlogLog). I have now 56 members in my community and more are adding and increasing the numbers. I am not here to add you and cash some extra buck. Not at all. The main thing I admire about MyBlogLog is that it provides a platform to all the blogger like us, to communicate and understand each other. Hence we are able to express our feeling and share our experience. After joining MyBlogLog I came in contact with various sites and blogs like:

and many more. Each one has its own identity. From JohnChow.Com and I learned the techniques to write posts for blog. Divya Uttam, author of the blog helped me choose my blog’s template. Mr. Debojitic for helped me learn some basic of life coaching and inspired me how to write. While attracted my sight to various topics. And no doubt numerous from you helped me with your valuable suggestion to stand out here. I appreciate your help.

One more thing I have stared one blog today I want you all to come and become the author of the blog and write for this. You all will be free to write what you want. You can write about various topics and about your site or blog. Only one thing you have to do please send me your mail at so that I can send you the link by which you can join the blog as author. Like your blog your will be able to write from your account. The blog article will publish with your name and site’s link. I have already sent this request to some of the MyBlogLog members. Some of them have assured me that they will write about their site or products to this blog

What do you feel about MyBlogLog? I wan to hear from your side.

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