Friday, January 26, 2007

Want to chek your Emai, computer with modem and net connetion not required.

Gadget Review: What do you do when you want to check you Email? Simple, you just sit in front of your computer, login to your email account click the Inbox icon and see what message your beloved one has send to you or you just open mobile phone to do it fast. But what about grandma, because she doesn’t know to check the mail from internet or if she knows a little, it will take long time to get the message or she has to wait for you to come and solve the problem.
But as the technology is changing the methods are also taking new shapes. Now it not necessary to have computer with a modem and internet connection or mobile pones to check out the messages from mails. The HP Printing Mail Box “Presto” is here to short out the problem. This is just like ordinary printer but with wonderful features. You can get your mails fully colorful and printed by Presto. Not only the text messages it also print photos, very sharply. You don’t need to plug in your computer, go to your mail box and click on print command. Presto can be connected easily to your existing phone line.

How this gadget works?

First Step: You have to sign up for Presto service. They provide you Email Account. Your family and friends can send their mail to this mail address.

Second Step: Just connect the Presto to your phone line.

Third Step: Plug In HP Printing Mail Box Presto, with AC power outlet.

Fourth Step: Presto do the rest work itself. It searches for new message at the email account, and you can print it anytime you want.

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