Thursday, January 25, 2007

Say BYE to commercial talk and advertisement on Radio

I love to listen music. At home I use my Stereo to have what I love the most. Whenever I am out of home I carry my iPod. I also use Radio Channels to take some crunchy bits. But on radio, very often, tunes are interrupted by commercial or public talk. It just breaks the rhythm. Then why do I switch on my radio. Simple, through iPod or your music system fitted with CDs you can hear only what you have recoded or what the CDs contain. While the radio makes you able to hear latest music songs, even you don’t know. When I hear a good song on FM, I go to shop and purchase the CD and gather it to my collection so that I can hear anytime. But it is the time for good news for music lovers, who want to hear music without commercial or public talk.

Swedish company PopCatcher has introduced a new radio associated with MP3, “MusicDock MD-601”. I can filter music or radio part and general talking or publicity. With stylish egg shaped look, this cool gadget has some interesting features. It can store the songs to your MP3 player with 192 kbps quality, which is composite of 1GB flash memory. The MusicDock MD-601 is capable of recognizing the music category and it separates the song and DJ talk, and captures the fresh song automatically. As the songs are in tune, simultaneously they are stored to MP3 fitted above the MusicDock. More over it comes with mini USB port and you can store the songs later to you PC, the dual advantage.

The estimated cost is around US$ 215, seems some expensive.


Rickard said...

This will change the music industry BIGTIME!

Looking forward to a world without DRM, where this popcatcher product is a way of time shifting just at its best!

Jane Parker said...

Hi Rickard,
Thanks for your comments. I too, like the gaget very much.