Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Setup Voicemail Service for your mobi

Gadget Reviews: Some of us love to attend phone calls, while some persons are there who are so busy that they are not able to attend phone calls and sometimes they miss really very important. In such cases we can use the “Voicemail Services". Almost all mobile phones come with built-in voicemail features and it is very simple to use it. If you don’t know how to activate, just consult your mobile phone provider, surely he will help you.

The voicemail can be very helpful for you in many ways:

1. When you travel out, some times phone network interrupts and your family and friends can not contact you, but with voicemail services they can lease messages for you.

2. Sometime when we get call from an unknown number, we just hesitate (not for all) to pick up the phone. In this case voicemail is very-very useful. The concerned person can leave message and if you consider that the person should be called then you can call.

3. When your mobile’s battery meter downs, it is very difficult to communicate. You have to rush to recharge. Even you can’t know in between the time who called you and for what purpose. But with voicemail you would nothing to worry about. Moreover some companies provides facility that you can use landline phone to hear your voicemail.

I have just tried to state some uses of voicemail services. Please respond so that I can know what I should post and in what manner.

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