Wednesday, January 31, 2007

FBI turns to broad new wiretap method

Gadget Reviews: Now we are bounded to transfer the electrical information via the Internet both for personal and business essential communication and its privacy is our right. But on the other part of the coin some devil minds misuse it, “The Cyber Criminals” and threats personal safety and national security.

FBI was using a software based tool which was used to monetize the activity of some suspected person over internet. This tool is called Carnivore, later it was named DCS1000. Carnivore is a software based tool which is used to scan all Internet Protocol packets. But it records on only those packet(s) or segment(s) that meet very specific parameters.

The packets are or can be selected based on the following:

a. IP address or protocol
b. In the case of e-mail
c. On the user names in the TO and FROM fields.
d. In limited cases, packets can be selected based on their content.
e. Packets can be recorded in their entirety (full mode) or recording can be limited to addressing information (pen mode), i.e., IP addresses and usernames.

FBI believes that Carnivore is necessary to combat child pornography, terrorism, information warfare, serious fraud, espionage and other felonies.

But as news is reporting the canvas is going to vast more. Now Agents are using more advanced techniques. They are not recording the activities of a particular suspect, but they are conducting investigation and assembling the activities of thousand of Internet Users at a time into a massive database. Even they can find clues from keywords.

So, there is a hope that in future the meter of net crime may go down and we will use safe net.

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