Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Solar powerd case for iPhone

Gadget Reviews: You may have heard from many of those how owns 3G iPhones, the problem of poor batter life. To beat his short battery life issue with iPhone 3G, MobilFun.Co.Uk has come up with a Solar Powered iPhone cases. The case protects it from damages and at the same time charges the battery as well. The case comes with 1500 mAh battery and becomes charged by its solar panel in less than 3 hours. The solar panel absorbs the sunlight and the produced energy is stored in its 1500 mAh battery. When the iPhone is inserted in its body, it get charged with the stored energy in the 1500 mAh battery. In case of short sunlight it may also be charged using mini USB. The case is compatible with all old and new versions of iPhones. So if you have old version of iPhone, still you can use it. At present the case is available in two colors white and black.


Ashlee said...

I want to get that solar powerd case for Apple iPhone.

gate valves said...

this is amazing! this is perfect when you are camping or mountaineering.

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Gadgets and gifts for men said...

Now this is great!!! I won't be in a hassle time if ever I forget to bring my charger with me. Nice gadget!