Thursday, April 12, 2007

Skype is going to offer Money Transactions over net via PayPal

Web Technologies: I have good news for Skype users. Soon Skype users will use Paypal for money transactions over net. Skye and Paypal both are owned by eBay. As new marketing policy eBay reflects is new upcoming venture that Skype and Paypal will work together for money transfers. In the Technology Conference in Silicon Valley, last week, co-founder of Skype Niklas Zennstorm announced the venture.

The motto is to connect Paypal and Skype community together. This policy will generate more traffic and money transactions over net with Paypal. Only you need to have Skype and Palpal accounts to access the service. It is expected that in the coming moth the service would be announced.


Tisha! said...

Good to know thanks! I wonder why all companies do not allow PayPal payments it is so practical.

Jane Parker said...

The market is now global. Paypal is not the single player. Different people different opinions means different choices. What platform suits to a company, the company adopts. It may be of various reasons - Business relations (personal relations also), price tag, services offered and many more.

Tisha! said...

Hey girl hope you're doing ok!?