Monday, February 05, 2007

Play with ball and make ice cream with this toy gadget

Toy Gadgets : Almost all of us love Ice Cream. Some of us buy it from shops and others prepare it in home. Generally we make a mixture of all constituents and put it to refrigerator to make it up. But you can make ice cream playing with ball. Yes, playing with ball. Industrial Revolution Inc. has invented a new product, the “Play and Freeze Ice Cream Maker”.

It is just like simple blue soccer ball made of light polycarbonate. With family fun, indoor and outdoor games you can make ice cream with this cool gadget. You need to add ice and rock salt to one end and mix all required ingredients. After that remove the lid from the end of the ball. Then hand the ball and play it to freeze. Normally you have to shake it up, by normal hands of playing with your family members. When you play with this ball the process of shaking is done automatically. It is to be shaken for at least 20-25 minutes. After 10 minutes it must be stirred. And your favourite ice cream is ready. This is an affordable toy, costing round about $35.
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