Friday, January 05, 2007

What I consider while buying a new cell phone?

Hi, dear I just started this discussion to know about your opinions. I am a techno lover, a gadget crazy person, means whenever I have to buy anything I just rate it according to its technologies.I am a mobile lover, I love to read and listen to music. I love to have cutting edge techno gadgets. So when ever I want to change my old cell phone then by purchasing a new cell phone I go though some the qualities of the mobile:

1. It must be stylish first. The look should be pleasant and heart loving.

2. I told I am music lover. So when ever I go for gym or market, or when I am board from my studies, I listen music to just cheer up my self. I prefer mobile with good stereo quality sound and have enough memory to store as many as song I want.

3. It must have wide screen, video recording and sound recording facilities. Wide screen provides good background to view video songs.
4. I love to catch moments in camera. So my cell phone must include good quality camera in which zooming can be adjusted. So that it would be easy to take pictures according to me.

5. The battery life should be long enough. So that I would be able to listen music, watch videos, take pictures and of course to chat more and more with my friends.

What you consider while purchasing new cell phones?

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