Sunday, December 17, 2006

Hunting with Digital Night Vision – Google GX2, The Night Gadget

If you love to roam in night then it is for you. This gadget Pixelman DNV-GXT, the most advanced digital night vision gadget, developed by the European partner NOCTROM in Luxembourg. At 0.001 lux the detection range is about 200m. With high performance components this gadget will exceed your expectations.

Pixelman DNV-GX2 is a Digital Night Vision Goggle that offers a new Night Vision experience. Pixelman DNV-GX2 allows seeing and observing in darkest conditions. The two LCoS-Displays provide the impression of a 36” Screen at a distance of 6 ft.

The light-weight head mounted Pixelman DNV-GX2 keeps your hands free. To get back to the natural sight just flip up the goggle.

You can connect additional devices to the goggle for either displaying (video in) or recording (video out). This night gadget allows recording and broadcasting night group sport events of certified sport professionals in complete darkness (e.g. paintball, skiing, trekking, sailing/boating, skateboarding).

Pixelman DNV-GX2 is equipped with eight power adjustable infrared LEDs for additional illumination.

DNV-GX2 is ideal for:
Hunting and nature observation at night.
All security operations and Neighbourhood watch.
Handling and fixing equipment in complete darkness.
Orientation and safety when sailing or trekking at night.
Fashionably and elaborately designed, the portable DNV-GX2 is very convenient to carry. You can enjoy in whatever conditions.
DNV-GX2 allows you to see infrared beams that are invisible to the naked eyes. With the integrated infrared LED’s the DNV-GX2 allows you to see up to 50 meters in complete darkness.

Some of it’s key features are:
Video input: NTSC/PAL AUTO
Display size: 36 inches
Pixels: 320H*240V*RGB(230K)
View angle: 26 degrees
Video input: NTSC/PAL AUTO
Sound function: double-channel stereo
Adjustment function: variable volume, picture contrast and brightness
Power input: 9V DC
Power consumption: 3.5W
Basic accessories: AC adapter, eye patch ,cables
Packing Size:275MM*260MM*75MM

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