Saturday, September 23, 2006

New Notebooks for Travellers & Students: Market Review

Last when I was with my friend Carolina, I was surprised. She had shown me her new tool for doing her projects, Sony Viao. She didn’t tell me, she had a diary like in her hand, it seemed. But when she revealed it, was something to be surprised. Now she has replaced her desktop PC with her new IT diary, Sony, Viao.

Its new era of Information Technology and every one is going more and more ITech Savvy. Now everyone needs computer, whether you are a student or teacher, housewife or working-professional. Even farmers from rural areas are using internet to know more about the crops and harvest more effectively. Now they know what pesticides in which season is good for their crops, all latest happening in agriculture. You can’t set you back without knowing computer.

So when you need it as you take your breath then why you drop it at your home when you are outdoor. The only company policy I know that conflicts is that the PC's should be turned of when the user is outdoor. And yes the era of small PCs (Laptops) came in existence.

All the computer maker companies are making their products keeping eyes on the vast global market with a vision that every one now need to be a IT-Savvy, ideas are revealing and gadgets are getting small-and-small. Home PCs (Personal Computers) are making moves from tables and new notebook or laptops are filling the gaps.

You have more Notebooks to choose from, these designed specifically for the needs of the executives on the move for students and travellers.

For the ‘executive-on-move’, there’s the 1.9 kg Centrino based Challenger 012CD with the 12” TFT display screen, 512 MB CCR-2 memory, 80GB hard-drive, Intel Graphic engine and wireless card, inbuilt 4 in 1 card reader. It also comes with the arallel and serial port for the gaming and multimedia devices.

Intex Performer 030CD weighs 2.5 kg and comes with a 15” display screen, 256 MB RAM, 40 GM hard-drive, DVD combo, inbuilt Intel wireless card. The Intex Achiever 026CD model has Intel Celeron M Processor; a 256 MB memory, 40 GB hard drive, DVD Combo, high definition audio and embedded 4 in card reader. It aims at targeting the students and the budget buyers.

The future of Notebooks is bright and so our. Coming notebooks or laptops will be equipped with outstanding technologies. Wait and watch!


Anonymous said...

Yeh! I am Kolene. It is right. Having a new Notebook is really having a great feeling. I have recently purchased an IBM note book. My friend recomended me to buy this. Can you post someing about IBM Notebooks. I want to know something more about.

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